Welcome to the Guide Relief Program!


Welcome to the Guide Relief Program, created to help fishing guides navigate the pandemic, we now offer access to benefits to help Montana guides sustain their careers.

Montana's fishing industry contributes nearly $1 billion annually to the state's economy and we recognize that guides are front-line protectors of Montana's fisheries. However, as independent contractors, guides work without the safety net of benefits and other resources.

We felt that needed to change.

Our program offers a suite of benefits including access to discount vision and dental, affordable liability insurance, free telehealth, roadside assistance, travel protection, accident insurance, disability protection, life insurance, mental health and wellbeing support, and more. In addition to our benefits, members will also have access to our Guide Relief Fund.  A safety net created to provide financial assistance to guides during times of crisis or emergency.

We've thoughtfully built this program with our mission in mind... to support guides on and off the water.

Whether you’re a guide or supporter, we encourage you to explore the site and reach out with any questions on guide memberships or how you can support the Guide Relief Program and the backbone of the fishing industry, our guides.

Team GRP