Ask A Mental Health Professional

If you have a question, or questions, about mental health, this is your opportunity to ask a professional in the field anything you would like.  We will compile questions and our Mental Health Board Chair, Michael Foust, LCSW will answer your questions. We will record pieces in a Q&A format and post here on our website and to our social media accounts.

It is not required that you include your name or email when you submit your question, and we will in no way know who the question came from.  YOUR ANONYMITY IS PROTECTED!  If you do by chance include your name, it will not be used in creating these pieces.

If you would like more information on mental health services in your area and how to access them, please include your contact information and that you would like this information.

Ask A Mental Health Professional

Michael Foust

Michael Foust, LCSW, is Regional Director for Western Montana Mental Health Center and the former Executive Director for Gallatin Mental Health Center. He brought positive youth development to Western’s school programs and helped develop Gallatin County’s Community Crisis Response. Before joining WMMHC, he worked for Families First, in Atlanta, where he worked with foster kids and families, provided parenting and divorce counseling, and created a stewardship/leadership education model. 

​Michael serves as the Mental Health Chair on the Guide Relief Program Board of Directors.

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