Welcome to the Guide Relief Program, created to help fishing guides navigate the pandemic, we now offer access to benefits to help Montana guides sustain their careers. Montana's fishing industry contributes nearly $1 billion annually to the state's economy and we recognize that guides are front-line protectors of Montana's fisheries. However, as independent contractors, guides work without the safety net of benefits and other resources. We felt that needed to change.

This entry has been directly taken from a blog post from Mental Health America ​written by Danielle Fritze, MHA Senior Director of Public Education & Visual Communications NOTE:  If you are an uninsured Montanan there are resources available to access free mental health care. Click here for more information on the program and how to get started.

Feeling a more angry or irritable than normal, you know, “just not feeling right?” Maybe you are blaming yourself more for not being the person you used to be at home or on the water and now go home feeling like you are letting someone down. Maybe the client that you once loved to teach, or the waters you can navigate with your eyes closed, no longer bring you peace?  Heck, maybe, that relaxing evening drink has increased to four or has become the midday, “I will just have one, well maybe two” self-talk.

The Emergency Housing Assistance program will provide rent, security deposit, mortgage payment, and/ or hazard insurance assistance as-needed for Montanans who have lost a job or substantial income loss as a result of COVID-19. Montana Housing will pay the difference between 25 percent of the household’s reduced net monthly income due to COVID-19 impact, and their eligible housing assistance costs, with a minimum payment of $250 per month and up to $2,000 a month. Household income limits range from $75,000-$125,000 based on family size. Montanans receiving other forms of housing assistance are not eligible. More information on this funding and how to apply can be found here.

The Small Business Association released new loan forgiveness applications that streamline the forgiveness process for PPP loans of $50,000 or less. Borrowers that use the new simpler application will be exempt from any reductions in the borrower’s loan forgiveness amount based on reductions in full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or reductions in employee salary or wages that would otherwise apply. If you applied, know someone that has, or are looking to... we can help.