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As of 2021, there are over 1,800 licensed fly fishing guides in Montana.

Where we came from...

  • The Guide Relief Fund was established in response to the global COVID crisis.
  • Prior to the unprecedented assistance from the US government, guides were unable to receive monetary relief due to independent contractor exemption status.
  • The Guide Relief Fund was in development when the welcomed news of relief for Independent Contractors was announced by federal and state governments in the form of the CARES Act.
  • The decision was made to pivot and become The Guide Relief Program, working with them to navigate governmental programs including unemployment, grants, and loans, and offering information on how to access mental health services and more. The Guide Relief program was born.

Where we are now...

  • With information changing and evolving, the Guide Relief Program will continue to adapt to fit the needs of the community we serve: Fishing guides.
  • As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, we will continue to work with our members to identify what is important to them and how GRP can continue support them physically and mentally, personally and professionally.
  • In one year, we have built a comprehensive program to cover every aspect of a guide's life in pursuit of our mission -- ¬†Supporting fishing guides on and off the water.

Where we are headed...

  • As we build and grow, our mission will continue to work to create a better future for fishing guides.


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Bozeman, Montana
Executive Director/Co-founder
Missoula, Montana
Director of Outreach and Guide Services/Co-founder


Lakeside, Montana
Sawyer Paddles & Oars
Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, Montana
Mental Health Chair
Western Montana Mental Health Center
Missoula, Montana
Conservation & Advocacy Chair
Guide/Independent Contractor
Missoula, Montana
At Large
Whiskey Leatherworks
Troy, Montana
At Large
Large Linehan Outfitting Company